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Hello everyone…for once from Switzerland!

This season was a marvelous journey for me. First of all I’d like to thank you all for your incredible support throughout this season which was an amazing adventure. I’m very proud of the path I’ve taken, happy that I’ve shared it with you and I hope to continue parts of my journey of life on the ice, especially because my desire of creating is now greater than ever.

I’ve spent the past few days recharging my batteries being with my family and friends and I’m already looking forward to skating again.

On 13 May there will be a documentary about my new exhibition program on TSR1 at 22.45 and on 17 May I’ll be on a radio show called “Qui vient dîner” on RSR. Regarding my collection, I can’t wait to further develop this project. I have to say I’m never bored, I’m happy to progress, to grow, to discover.

I will keep you up to date about all my projects.





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Новая запись в дневнике Стефана.

Имитация любви
On the road again
Prague, Czech Republic | 16 avril 2010

Hey everybody!

Here I am, still travelling to give shows, shows and more shows!

Two weeks ago, when I was in Moscow, my Russian fans organised a reception for me: I wanted to thank them for giving me an intimate moment to share with them, and also for my great “Swiss Flag Stéphane Lambiel” t-shirt, I love it!!

From Russia, I flew straight to Stockholm, Sweden, where I was taking part in a show the day of my 25th Birthday…I guess everyone has to work sometimes on their special day, but I was feeling a bit lonely in a hotel room away from my family and friends…and then 4 of my best friends from Switzerland surprised me by coming to Stockholm!! I was so so surprised! After the show, we went to eat and then to a nice club in town to celebrate. I’m really lucky to have such crazy friends!! Thank you also everybody for all the birthday wishes that I received from many people on my website or by other means: to know you are thinking of me on my birthday is the best gift!

The day after my birthday, I had to get up and go to the airport: this time direction Osaka, Japan! It was the last place I was going before a few days break back in Switzerland. The shows in Osaka were great even though I have no idea how I manage to skate as I came DIRECTLY to the rink from the airport and a 12-hour flight!! I think that I wasn’t really conscious when I entered the ice, but the Japanese audience gave me a lot of good energy, so I enjoyed it very much.

After a quick visit home in Switzerland, I packed my suitcase again: I’m now touring Eastern Europe where I’m happy to be spending a few days!

See you soon, somewhere around the world!

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