Имитация любви
Hello everyone…for once from Switzerland!

This season was a marvelous journey for me. First of all I’d like to thank you all for your incredible support throughout this season which was an amazing adventure. I’m very proud of the path I’ve taken, happy that I’ve shared it with you and I hope to continue parts of my journey of life on the ice, especially because my desire of creating is now greater than ever.

I’ve spent the past few days recharging my batteries being with my family and friends and I’m already looking forward to skating again.

On 13 May there will be a documentary about my new exhibition program on TSR1 at 22.45 and on 17 May I’ll be on a radio show called “Qui vient dîner” on RSR. Regarding my collection, I can’t wait to further develop this project. I have to say I’m never bored, I’m happy to progress, to grow, to discover.

I will keep you up to date about all my projects.





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